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Oil tasting: useful advice to avoid mistakes


Bitter, spicy, rancid, winey: the tasting oil is based on smell and taste

Oil tasting, as well as wine tasting, is a complex and less trivial art than it seems. Interest in oil and its characteristics is, among other things, growing exponentially in Italy, with an important impact on a commercial level.

We talked about it with Alessandra Buraschi (left in the photo) who, with her sister Emanuela, manages the family oil mill in Montepulciano.


Alessandra has a Diploma as an Oil Mill Technician and has been an Olive Oil Technician and Expert for more than 20 years; she was part of the test panel of the Province of Siena as a technical taster.

Her company has created the first IGP label in the area and organizes tastings and tasting courses with certificates of participation.


Alessandra, can you explain how to taste the oil?