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The first Montepulciano-branded IGP oil was born


The idea of ​​the Buraschi oil mill which at the station has exceeded half a century "The addition of sub-zones to the label is foreseen in the Consortium regulations"


By Luca Stefanucci Montepulciano, city of wine, Renaissance and beauty. But also a territory that has in its "basket" of excellence a product that expresses itself at its best in these parts: extra virgin olive oil. And as a reminder, now comes a special label that certifies the birth of the first IGP Tuscan Montepulciano extra virgin olive oil with 100% Montepulciano olives. The absolute novelty is precisely the entry of the word Montepulciano to underline territoriality and the link with one of the first fruits of the earth, those olive groves that are culture, history and tradition. The IGP Toscano Montepulciano extra virgin olive oil was born from an idea of ​​the Buraschi oil mill in Montepulciano Stazione and in particular from Alessandra who manages the company together with her sister Emanuela. A historic oil mill founded in 1966 from the passion of Otello and Carla Buraschi, today the guide is totally female and Alessandra Buraschi with enthusiasm and original projects, in which there is no lack of study, vision and skills, has brought a new energy that perfumes the future.


Montepulciano is universal and associated with food and wine. For this reason, the Buraschi oil mill project could open up a new and interesting way to enhance a product, quality extra virgin olive oil, which often remains in the shade in the media but has potential and stimulates growth margins.


"Reading the disciplinary guidelines of the IGP Tuscan Consortium - explains Alessandra Buraschi - I noticed that it was possible to add sub-zones to the labels. We did it and the Consortium approved. This oil has only olives from Montepulciano, specifically from an olive grove in the area of delle Caggiole. I hope it will boost others too, we must remain united. The first requests have already arrived, there is curiosity, we will increase production next year". Alessandra is passionate about historical books and ...